han|dle1 W2S2 [ˈhændl] v
1¦(do work)¦
2¦(deal with a situation)¦
3¦(deal with a person)¦
4¦(not become upset)¦
6¦(control a vehicle)¦
7¦(move goods)¦
8¦(buy/sell goods)¦
1.) ¦(DO WORK)¦ [T]
to do the things that are necessary to complete a job
I handled most of the paperwork.
The case is being handled by a top lawyer.
The finance department handles all the accounts.
Computers can handle huge amounts of data.
to deal with a situation or problem by behaving in a particular way and making particular decisions
The headmaster handled the situation very well.
I knew I had handled the matter badly.
Leave it to me. I can handle it.
Most customers were satisfied with the way their complaints were handled.
Opposition leaders will be watching carefully to see how the Prime Minister handles the crisis.
to deal with a person or behave towards them in a particular way, especially in order to keep them happy
Martin might be useful to us, but he would have to be handled carefully.
Some customers are quite difficult to handle.
to not become upset in a difficult situation
She can't handle it when people criticize her.
He doesn't handle stress very well.
5.) ¦(HOLD)¦ [T]
to touch something or pick it up and hold it in your hands
He had never handled a weapon before.
We teach the children to handle the animals gently.
He was roughly handled by the mob.
a) [T]
to control the movement of a vehicle or an animal
I didn't know if I'd be able to handle such a large vehicle.
the way a vehicle handles is how easy it is to control
handles well/badly
The car handles well, even on wet roads.
7.) ¦(MOVE GOODS)¦ [T]
to move goods from one place to another
The Post Office handles nearly 2 billion letters and parcels over the Christmas period.
8.) ¦(BUY/SELL GOODS)¦ [T]
to buy or sell goods
Bennet was charged with handling stolen goods .
handle 2
handle2 S3 [i]n
[: Old English;]
1.) the part of a door that you use for opening it
Then he turned the handle and went in.
↑handle, ↑combination lock
2.) the part of an object that you use for holding it
a knife with a carved wooden handle
the handle of his cup
a broom handle
3.) get a handle on sth
to start to understand a situation, subject etc
It's difficult to get a handle on how widespread this problem is.
fly off the handle atfly1 (16)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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